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Software-based health monitoring

Any simple phone with Evasa becomes a device to monitor your vital signs


Just with a mobile camera!

Screenshots of Evasa

Features of Evasa

100% software based

No separate hardware is required

Compatible with most cameras

Can be used by all smartphones

Easy to integrate

Integration with services via API and SDK

Any time and place

Without any functional limitations

Suitable for all people

Support for any age, gender and skin color

24/7 support

We are with you at every moment

Services of Evasa

Remote patient monitoring is now a key application in medical spaces where cameras and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing care delivery.

At Iwasa, using artificial intelligence technology, we have developed a software solution that allows you to monitor your vital signs with any simple phone and you can easily monitor your heart rate, oxygen level and number with a short video. Measure your breathing.

Iwasa’s technology has a myriad of uses, spanning areas such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, primary care, personal and corporate health, preventive medicine, virtual testing, nursing homes, insurance, and many more.

Improving remote and online disease diagnosis 01

The possibility of following up issues related to the patient's health 02

Reducing healthcare costs 03

Expansion of healthcare services 04

About Evasa

More than two years have passed since the birth of #Evasa idea and team. Together, we tried to participate in creating something valuable. The common value that kept us together was and is “life” for all of us.

Evasa is a service based on deep learning and image processing that can measure vital signs using a thirty-second video of the face. The goal of this product is to make health care and monitoring accessible and affordable for a wide range of people by improving the quality of online medicine. Finally, the more we can move medicine towards “prevention”, the less cost and risk we can face with the disease.

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